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Arena Breakthrough for Leaders


Being an effective leader is challenging. You’re operating in a complex environment that requires the ability to pivot quickly.

You’re expected to make critical decisions based on an ever-changing set of factors. And you must be savvy enough to understand what motivates many different personalities.

At the same time, employees want a workplace experience where they feel valued, where their contributions matter, and where they’re connected to a purpose as part of a team. When these are lacking, you risk breakdowns in communications, disengaged staff and burnout.

Unique and Interactive Experience

My Arena Breakthrough workshop is designed to zero-in on those demands. This unique and interactive experience will provide you and your team the space to connect, brainstorm, and problem-solve.
Having the space to talk through ideas, challenges, and obstacles bring clarity. Clarity leads to confidence, which fuels traction and momentum.

Joining me in the arena with my horses will help you and your team break patterns that hinder performance and get in the way of real breakthroughs.

There is no riding involved.

In fact, you don’t even need to know the nose from the tail to have a breakthrough, gain new insights, build higher levels of trust, and facilitate stronger collaboration among team members.

The interactive activities you and your team will participate in are guaranteed to yield at least one breakthrough moment.

As you deploy learnings from the day, you will notice greater confidence in decision-making, along with lower stress and greater mental energy.

By the end of the workshop you’ll be able to:

  • Better understand other’s perspectives to nurture deeper relationships, boost loyalty and productivity.
  • Deepen relationships with colleagues so that you can make more strategic decisions in challenging situations and get better contributions and feedback from the team.
  • Gain a better understanding and appreciation of the different communication styles within your team.
  • See improved creative problem-solving, even in high-stress environments.

The Power of Unscripted Horse Behavior

I began my coaching career based on the belief that enhanced team communication and a deeper understanding of personality styles enables leaders to build more engaged, satisfied, and productive workplaces.

As a lifelong horse owner, I have learned as much about communication and leadership traits from horses as I have from training programs. So, when I sought out impactful coaching methods, equine-assisted coaching was the perfect fit. Unscripted horse behavior provides instantaneous, non-judgmental feedback that gives leaders a fresh perspective on how they can strengthen their communication skills for greater outcomes.

To learn more and to see if this experience would be a good fit for you and your team click here and I’ll get back to you with details.

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    What others are saying…

    “I was introduced by a friend who owns the farm where Katie holds equine leadership retreats for businesses. I had never heard of that concept, but it sounded intriguing. I am the plant director for the Quad print facility located in Saratoga Springs, NY and thought this would be a great opportunity to have the plant leadership team take part in something different. Most of the team has over 30 years of service at Quad and have been through many types of leadership classes but nothing like we experienced with Katie. Katie’s approach to leadership training utilizing horses was eye-opening for all the team members and is such a fresh perspective on how best to handle different employee styles and situations.”

    – Kevin Brasser
    Plant Director, Quad Graphics
    Saratoga Springs, New York
    I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon, and left so calm. I was in a remarkably different state-of-mind when I left, than when I arrived. Our conversations on Monday afternoon elicited a lot of introspective thoughts that I had not articulated about my current role, until talking with all of you. It was quite an ah-ha for me!”

    – Gretchen Steffan, MS-HRM, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
    Executive Director, Saratoga-Warren-Washington Workforce Development Board
    Glens Falls, New York
    Katie is extremely skilled in bringing workplace experiences into the barn in an impactful way that allows participants to explore how presence, mindfulness, nonverbal and verbal communication drive leadership. Although I was initially reluctant to interact with the horses and that would not have been a barrier to participating in the training, I am so glad that I got in the arena with them. I would do it again and encourage others to attend the training as well.”

    – Simone B., MBA
    Healthcare Innovation Leader

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