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25 Content Ideas in 60 Minutes


Content, content, content.

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketing leaders of small teams are pressured to create an endless stream of content. Often, they have small staffs and must meet multiple demands every day.

That can leave little time to identify topic ideas that will truly resonate with their target audience.

Impromptu content ideation can be draining and ineffective. It can lead to confusing messages, contribute to going over budget on content, and create stress. Or worse, content never gets created because there wasn’t time to generate ideas to fill your content calendar.

My 25 Content Ideas in 60 Minutes workshop will save you time and aggravation by giving you a solid list of topics to populate your content calendar.

We’ll develop a list of content ideas that will not only make your job easier but will deepen your connection with your audience and build out your thought-leadership. You will walk away from the hour-long with the ideas you need for your content calendar so you can:

  • Avoid the stress of the last-minute scramble.
  • Establish your brand as the go-source for information in your industry.
  • Deliver clear messaging across all content types to best-serve your audience.
  • Leverage your investment in existing content to reduce your overall content spend.

Here’s how the 25 Blog Post Ideas in 60 Minutes session works:

  1. We’ll start with a simple feedback form. This will help be better understand your content creation goals and challenges, what you’ve tried before, and what has or hasn’t worked.  I’ll also include a link to schedule a time to schedule for our session, which is 60 minutes long.
  2. I’ll review your responses to the questionnaire and do a high-level review of the existing content on your website or preferred platform. I’ll look for opportunities to repurpose content that is performing well and brainstorm new ideas to further your voice in your industry.
  3. During the workshop, we’ll dig into your biggest blog idea generation challenges, brainstorm and identify trending topics based on client needs.
  4. Within one week, I’ll send you an action plan that will include notes from our meeting and my prior research, a list of 25 blog topic ideas, and an actionable plan for creation and sharing.

My goal is that you leave workshop with a working list of fresh blogs or thought leadership ideas that can be turned into impactful content for your marketing needs.

We won’t focus on every content channel or platform. Instead, we’ll focus on actionable topics that align with your client profile so that you see a return on your investment over the next several months.

I’ve been a professional writer for 20 years and have worked side-by-side with editors and strategists to develop content topics that speak directly to the target audience. I’ve also led in-house marketing teams and relied on the blueprint I used to develop a solid framework. It has alleviated the burden coming up with things on the fly and led to more effective messaging every single time.

I’m excited to do the same for you!

The fee for this engagement is $600, payable upfront.

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