Why Me


In sixth grade, I discovered my knack for writing through an essay about my childhood dog, Pokey. A high school teacher who shared my passion for the horse industry nurtured my writing abilities. She inspired me to combine my lifelong love of horses with my natural talents for writing to pursue a career in content marketing and journalism.

There’s nothing more satisfying than crafting a story that captivates readers and connects them with the publications and brands that serve their needs. Here’s how my experiences in agriculture, education and leadership can tell your story.



    I grew up on a family-run vegetable farm that included retail greenhouses. I started waiting on customers before I could count back change and learned customer satisfaction was always the priority. When we weren’t picking or planting crops, we were riding horses through the fields and at competitions.

    At 23, I was hired by a division of John Deere and developed a $1 million wholesale landscape supply location in an area where I knew no one. I was able to build trust by putting the customer first through genuine interactions. A promotion landed me in a regional role reaching from New York to Virginia and the state of Texas before moving on to other positions.

    My clients have included:

    • American Farmland Trust
    • VitaFlex, a Farnam Company
    • Catapult Creative
    • Tractor Supply Company
    • Irrigation & Green Industry
    • NYS Farm Bureau


    Working as marketing professional at an adult technical school and an association supporting PreK-12 public schools means I know what school leaders need to know to make purchasing and policy decisions.

    My clients have included:

    • Cornell University
    • K-12 Dive
    • St. Lawrence University
    • SUNY Morrisville


    Poor workplace culture is one of the top reasons talented staff members seek other positions. I have seen firsthand the consequences of poor leadership. I can help assess whether a company’s management style needs tweaking or a complete overhaul.

    Leadership fascinates me, both as something to study and as something to do. I have completed four leadership programs, the most recent an executive leadership coaching certificate through a Rutgers University program accredited by the International Coaching Federation. I also serve on the American Horse Publications Executive Committee.

    My clients have included:

    • Society for Human Resources Management
    • The Blueprint by the Motley Fool
    • NRHA Pro Trainer

    I started my writing career as a journalist and have bylines in national publications like PopSci.com, Western Horseman and Education Dive. A portfolio of that work can be seen here:

      Katie Navarra with Molly the dog

      Special Opportunity

      When I’m not working in my office, I’m out riding my horse and partnering with her to deliver experiential executive leadership workshops. Talk to me about how to harness horsepower to solve leadership problems.