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The limit to success today is not a lack of knowledge. Knowledge is great but as humans we sometimes focus more on our fears and limiting beliefs than actually doing the things we know we should be doing. 

And, the reality is that the “Great Resignation,” and dire labor shortages means you can’t afford to lose employees, or burn yourself out. Instead, you need to find focus for what’s important and see the possibilities you might be missing. 

That’s where I come in. 

Hi, I’m Katie. I inspire leaders to reset, reconnect, and reframe so they can overcome challenges, confidently lead teams, and address burnout, which all lead to higher performance. 

This is not just another team building or leadership development workshop. I help high-performing leaders by bringing them into the arena with horses. Horses provide instantaneous, non-judgmental feedback.

When you join me and the horses you’ll experience a thought-provoking adventure that helps you:

  • Find out what energizes you.
  • Receive unbiased feedback about how you show up and how others receive it.
  • Get honest feedback about what stands in your (or team’s) way to achieving remarkable results.
  • Uncover what you’re tolerating and identify next steps.

Simply stated, a one or two-day horse guided coaching experience provides the momentum you need to lead.

Katie Navarra and Bella - 2021

Katie Navarra with her horse, Bella.

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      Herd Lessons

      In western Colorado, Mustangs are being used to help people enhance their skills in the workplace.

      Why me?

      I am a certified Vision Board leader and a certified personal and executive coach. I thrive on bringing individuals and organizations outside their comfort zone to design a life on their own terms.

      Special Opportunity

      When I’m not working in my office, I’m out riding my horse and partnering with her to deliver experiential executive leadership workshops. Talk to me about how to harness horsepower to solve leadership problems.